Get to Know Hot Flashes in Men More

A reason why a lot of women have a hard time accepting the fact

that they’re already in the menopausal stage is it comes with so many horrible
symptoms. According to health authorities, up to 80 percent of menopausal women
experience hot flashes — that sudden and often intense feeling of warmth in the
face, neck, chest arms and hands that is sometimes accompanied by flushing,
sweating, fatigue and heart palpitations.

When hot flashes are mentioned, the image of annoyed and
frustrated menopausal women immediately pops into the mind of most people. Not
too many of them are aware that men can also get hot flashes.

This article will focus on some of the most important things about
hot flashes in men — what their usual causes are and how they can be remedied.
So if you’re a male, don’t stop reading now because this concerns you. And
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Menopause is characterized by a decline in some of the female
hormones. So in other words, it causes hormonal imbalance inside the body of a
woman. It’s this shift in the levels of hormones within why menopause brings
about all kinds of annoying symptoms, including those infamous hot flashes.

Since men have hormones, too, it’s not unlikely for them to suffer
from hormonal imbalance just like women.

The reason why hormonal imbalance is commonly associated with
women is because there are a lot of moments in the life of a woman when an imbalance
in her hormones tends to strike. One example is each time she gets her period.
Another is during pregnancy as well as a few weeks or months after giving

It’s true that hot flashes in women are commonly associated with
hormonal imbalance and menopause. However, there are also certain medical
conditions and even medical treatments that can cause hot flashes to strike. So
in other words, there are actually lots of different causes of hot flashes in
women. Well, the same can be said for hot flashes in men.

As men age, the levels of some of their hormones also drop just
like what happens in menopause. But unlike in the case of menopause, the drop
is not sharp or sudden — it’s
something that happens very slowly.

Most of the time, hot flashes in men are due to certain medical
treatments, in particular those that can mess with or alter the levels of
hormones inside the body of a male. One example is the so-called androgen
deprivation therapy or ADT in which the production of testosterone is
restricted in order to stop it from triggering cancer cells to form or
multiply. Commonly, it is given to men who are battling prostate cancer.

According to medical authorities, hot flashes in men usually
coincide with stuff like mood swings, reduced libido and erectile dysfunction.
They say that it’s most likely due to stress, depression or anxiety that these
matters can cause.

In menopausal women, the so-called hormone replacement therapy or
HRT can help in managing the various associated symptoms, including most
especially hot flashes.

Well, a similar kind of treatment may be given to men in order to
deal with hot flashes, and it’s referred to as testosterone replacement therapy
or TRT. However, not all men who are complaining about hot flashes may undergo
the said treatment, including especially those with a history or prostate

Some doctors prescribe men with antidepressants since hot flashes
are sometimes due to mental issues.

There are various home remedies that are said to be effective for
dealing with hot flashes. Some common examples are quitting smoking, reducing
alcohol intake, minimizing coffee and losing excess pounds.

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