Tips on How to Detox After the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. The endless
partying, the mouth-watering foods, the lip-smacking beverages, they are sure
to fill your belly up, don’t you think? Unfortunately, the post-holiday
experience is something that you will most likely regret, especially when you
feel a bit sluggish, your stomach happens to grumble from time to time, and
your weighing scale is accusing you of letting go of yourself once more. You’ve
probably sworn that next year, you will be more vigilant with your food intake.
Well, why not start now by going on a detox?

Detoxing your body is one way for
you to cleanse it from all the oils, salt, and grease that you filled it up
these past few weeks. That being said, here are a few tips on how to get this

The mere
thought of eating something fried is sure to make your stomach feel queasy, so
why not go the healthier route instead? Prepare some salads and healthy soups
to ease the burden in your digestive system while helping your body absorb
important nutrients for detoxification.

If you feel
that your metabolism is a bit sluggish after the holidays, you can jump start
it with intermittent fasting. The principal of this diet is fairly simple, you
can eat whatever it is that you want within a set period of time, then fast
afterwards. For example, you can eat 8 in the morning, then stop eating by 8 in
the evening. The remaining hours will be when there are no food passing through

Another way to
help you detox your body is by doing yoga. Yoga is a mind and body type of
exercise, that will not only help flush the toxins from your body, but it also
helps keep it supple and strong too. The best part? You are freeing your mind
of stress as well, which is always a good thing.

mindfulness is also one way to start your road to detoxification, because you
are able to choose your food intake wisely. Being aware of the amount of food
that you have eaten and having the power to choose the type of food that you
are eating all begins with paying attention to your health above all. This way,
you will be in perfect control on what you eat during the holidays.